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Poster: Mandojammer Date: Nov 5, 2008 2:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Non-Dead: A possible solution from the Left Coast?

Personal favorite: Highland Park 12 yr old - fabulous Orkney malt, easy to find and not too expensive. About $50 at the ABC stores here in VA. If you like the 12 yr old step up to the 18 yr ol. About $90 but a great whisky. If I had to pick one single malt to drink for the rest of my life I would flip a coin over the 12 yr v. 18 yr old Highland Park.

Any Ardbeg - provided you like peat smoke.

Any Port Ellen or Caol Ila.

Longrow has a couple of very nice bottlings of their Sherrywood finishes out there, $50-60 tops.

A nice malt to cut your exploratory teeth on is the Glenmorangie Port Wood and Sherry Wood finishes. They have a Madeira wood finished bottling but I don't think it is anywhere near as good as the port or sherry finishes.

Aberlour 100 proof

Aberlour a'bunadh - 62.5% abv I think and very chewy. it will make you sit up - very smokey and puffy.

There are a ton of sexy malts out there if you want to pay for them. I ran into a Gordon and McPhails 43 yr old Linkwood in the Manchester airport in 2001. Vatted in 1954, bottled in 1997. They were in an odd lot bin in Duty free for $75 - I bought all 5. Alas they are gone.

If you want - we can take the malt discussion off line. Or we can keep it running here.

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Poster: roughyed85 Date: Nov 5, 2008 2:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Non-Dead: A possible solution from the Left Coast?

I'm little league,Mando! I'll pass your recommendations to my serious Scotch drinking mate. (I will email you with details of something obscure -so obscure I can't remember what it was- I got him for his 60th)
BTW, legend has it that whisky without the e was spelt that way deliberately, so Scottish distillers could pay label-printers less. (RobTWS can you confirm this tight-assed stereotype of your countrymen?)